Sellers who provide great service create a lasting shopping experience and elicit repeated sales. To aid sellers achieve repeated orders Handicraftz.in has designed and implemented a new measure to calibrate Seller performance aimed at collating more satisfied buyers and driving more sales your way. By focusing on the things that matter most to buyers, you can ensure they are shopping with pleasure and the confidence of a continual great experience. Stronger built in protections are also being designed to increase the spread of your hard-earned reputation. Top rated seller requirements will also be updated to help you keep pace with evolving consumer expectations.

Sellers will be competing on Transaction Defect Rate wherein detailed seller rating requirements help in evaluating seller performance. This new rating will only enhance your image as a Seller.

So what is this ‘defect rate’?

Simply put the percentage of a seller’s successful transactions that have one or more of the following transaction related defects, the top predictors that buyers will leave Handictaftz.in or will buy less.

  • Delivery of Defective Product/s

  • Wrong Order/s delivery (Wrong product to wrong customer)

  • Failure of order processing within the stated time (Late shipping to Handicraftz.in)

  • Incorrect/ False description/representation of the product/s by the seller

  • Fake Orders

The defect rate won’t affect you until you have transactions with defects with at least 8 different buyers (at least 5 different buyers to impact Top Rated status) within your evaluation period. The maximum defect rate permissible for a seller is upto 5% for all the transactions/month.

Completion of Sale

After a Successful sale transaction

While concluding sale please be reminded that certain dealings are not allowed on Handicraftz.in

  • Interfering with another member’s transaction

  • Sending an item that is different from the item described in the item listing

  • Charging buyers an additional fee for their use of ordinary forms of payment including acceptance of cheques, money orders, electronic transfers or credit cards


Things you need to know!

  • Handicraftz.in does not guarantee sale of your product it is an online marketplace which merely brings buyers and sellers on a common platform.

  • All Products listed on Handicraftz.in belong to their respective sellers till the completion of sale.

  • Shipping of the product will be done by Handicraftz.in by the selected shipping method.