Seller FAQ’s

Who can sell on

Any creative person who wishes to sell his/her handmade products online are eligible to become a seller.

If you fit in the bellow points, then you are the one who we are looking for!

  • If you make your products with hand at home and want to sell online, you are welcome!
  • If you have your own page on facebook or Instagram and you are trying desperately to market your product internationally.
  • You are not intending to invest a large amount for selling your products
  • You already have a store that people know, but want to get online

Still confused?? contact us at:

Who will handle shipping to customers?

Leave it to us! We will pick the product form you and then ship to the customer!

When will I get paid?

When your product is sold on the website expect the amount to get credited to your account in approx 10 working days